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Float Glass Industries Ltd closes the deal with Insight Data
Float Glass Industries Ltd, one of the UK's leading independent suppliers of glass, is the latest big name to step up their marketing activities and subscribe to the penetration of data UGI database of manufacturers.
The only company subscribed to the database last month, but according to Deputy Director General David Offland, has already improved the way sales Float Glass Industries Ltd target computer manufacturers sealed unit.
"The database of the UGI can be accessed quickly and easily from any computer connected to the Internet and has become an integral part of our marketing strategy. Not only is the excellent quality of the data, but the functions of CRM are helped organize our sales team prospects more efficiently. The Sales Pipeline is particularly useful and allows operators to track a prospect from initial contact through meetings, proposals, monitoring and commitment, and turnover project, which is a vital function in the fast-paced market of today. "
It contains contact information of about 1,100 manufacturers double glazing units and three in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the database has been adopted by a number of glass components, sealant, space bar, and gas suppliers, as well as suppliers of specialized equipment / machinery, transport and accreditation agencies and bodies.
Sonia Punter, Insight Sales Manager concludes: "I am delighted Float Glass Industries Ltd has chosen the Insight IGU manufacturers database to organise their prospects and find new customers."
Contact:novalglass      Released time:2011-05-04 18:41:38
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