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Install Aptus Hydrogen Generator in the Float Glass Industry

"We are pleased to have been selected by a leader in the float glass industry," said David Cepla, President of HyRadix. "The float glass industry has demanding product reliability requirements and this installation says a lot about the maturity and reliability of the Aptus product. With the installation of the Aptus unit before year-end we will have operating plants in each of our main targeted industries; float glass production, edible oils hydrogenation, and metals annealing."

"Our team sees an opportunity for an increasing role for on-site hydrogen generation not only in North America, but also in float plants in other parts of the world, particularly sites in developing countries or remote locations," said David Robinson, manager of Pilkington North America's, Laurinburg (NC) plant. "We thoroughly reviewed the Aptus technology and feel it offers the performance we require. We're anxious to get it installed so we can begin to realize further process efficiencies."

The HyRadix Aptus hydrogen generation system allows customers to have on-site control over their hydrogen production with high reliability for uninterrupted manufacturing processes. The systems produce high purity hydrogen between 50 Nm3/h (1850 scfh) and 100 Nm3/h (3900 scfh) from a feedstock of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and can be combined to generate up to 300 Nm3/h (11,700 scfh) very economically compared to alternative means of delivered hydrogen.

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