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Platforms TouchFX popular iPhone game brings Applications For Coin-Op Big touch screens
Quebec adrenaline TouchFX Recreation offers a new twist on the arcade game. The platform was developed to allow the migration of touch screen games for mobile phones giant arcade games.
The new system, which company officials described as a "giant iPhone" is now available with fruit Ninja, one of the most downloaded game applications for mobile devices from Apple. But he played in 46 TouchFX of "multi-touch, touch screen LCD HDTV.
The new video game coin-op, which is offered in one configuration or three-screen, while up to three players, or six hands. Fruit Ninja challenges players to slice the fruit produced in the air swipe gestures on the touch screen device with your fingers.
Like the iPhone and the game IPAD, TouchFX not use mechanical controls - the hands of the players control the action on screen. However, the screen itself, which also contains the software, is the largest representation of the iPhone screen. Instead of using capacitive multi-touch technology used iPhone, you can not resist the use of coins and abuse, adrenaline has been used a resistive touch screen is based on infrared sensor arrays mounted on the edges of the field to detect and track movement. The display is protected by a sheet of tempered glass that is easily cleaned with common cleaners such as Windex, which is a design widely used for medical and industrial applications.
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