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Transplantation Singapore becomes the queen of massage Shelby
When Rupa Schodowski decided to switch gears and become a massage therapist, she never expected his company to grow so fast. His business of massage, touch estuary, has grown enormously since 2008. In addition to providing massage for clients in his office and place, Schodowski sells its own line of organic aromatherapy lotions.
Schodowski attended nursing school until his mother had a stroke in 2008 in Singapore. He immediately returned to their country of origin and served as the primary caregiver for her mother.
While in Mexico, he met a Chinese man who massaged their mother twice a week. Within a couple of weeks after receiving therapeutic massage, aneurysm Schodowski's mother fell from 0.7 to 0.3. His mother is diabetic, so Schodowski helped him change his diet and she believes that changing diet and routine massage helped her mother survive.
When Schodowski returned to the U.S. after caring for her mother, she had a new mission. She is certified in reflexology and started working at home in 2008. He quickly won the respect and a large customer base in Shelby. Then he decided to open Touch Ria, who said "a brand that people can identify with."
Schodowski was certified in massage therapy and joined partners and professional body massage and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.
She said: "If I can change the lives of people in Michigan, I want to do that." Schodowski knows that the American diet of less meat and more fiber, along with a sedentary lifestyle is the reason why older people need care for their children. "People do not know how to take care of themselves and self-medicate People do not understand what a massage can help Helps reduce stress and can prevent many diseases are guaranteed health ... Massage therapy can prevent or reduce the risk of being unhealthy Would you rather have:. to stay healthy or to be alone with life?
Schodowski loves his clients and treats each person as a movie star. She schedules appointments away so you can be sure you spend enough time with each person. You do not have to feel rushed, after your massage. Instead, Schodowski encourages customers to relax in the comfortable chair massage room and take their time to leave. She said: "It's a spa environment, only on a smaller scale. You have a high nose spa, you get the spa service without the strange looks." Schodowski is very concerned that their customers have an experience to remember. "We can guarantee that out of our building refreshed and relaxed. The ultimate relaxation massage. My husband came to her."
Schodowski began his own line of lotions that are organic, all natural ingredients and no preservatives. They are meant to be soothing and relaxing, and does not feel oily or greasy. Anyone from babies to adults can use them. Schodowski said: "The weather is always different and these lotions can work for all skin types. They are organic and environmentally friendly. All that is packaged in tempered glass, so no plastic materials in your system. My lotions are lifespan, which are exclusive, not sold in stores, but are still affordable and unique. "
Lotions include Ego, which has an aroma of grapefruit, dreams, that is for those who are tired and no sleep, happy that smells like lemon grass and is ideal for after shower at the elbows, fingers feet and knees and Primavera Rosa, the smell of flowers is not too spicy. Offers include buy two lotions for , buy one for .
Schodowski said that anyone can use their lotions. "A retired teacher or an employer does not smell too flowery. Everyone has a lotion for them. No one is left out."
Schodowski also has its own shower-line treatment for sinus or nasal congestion. Bath tablets can be set in the tub when taking a shower. Release an aroma similar to aromatherapy, but they relax muscles and soothe the skin in the shower. Can last up to three showers. One tablet is only . These are also organic. Schodowski said: "Some people use the pills in closets, cars, guest rooms, offices or cubicles."
Schodowski therapy offers shower and lotion, and as a gift and no gift-wrapping. Anywhere in Michigan is free shipping for delivery.
She is currently running special spring. Recommend a friend and save on your next massage. Refer two friends and receive off your next massage. Refer three friends and get off your next massage.
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