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One of the largest solar power systems state powers at home Palatino
Peter and Susan Gorr of Palatine would like to debunk a myth about solar energy. It is actually beneficial to the outcome of an owner.
However, they acknowledge, it requires a large payout, initial funding may be difficult for many people to produce.
The Gorrs recently installed one of the largest solar electric systems - about 700 kilowatts - in Illinois and paid $ 47,378 for the system and allows all connections. But thanks to state and federal tax credits and rebates, the true out of pocket expenses for the system will only be about $ 19,000 for this system is guaranteed for 25 years.
"We've always been interested in the environment, but is not active in the movement," said Peter Gorr. "But now I'm retired, I had more time to look into it and now that I am a grandfather, I find myself becoming more serious about preserving the environment for our grandson.
"Although I knew that installing a solar energy system has cost me, I felt it was important enough to investigate and what I found is that the economy of this system is actually very favorable," he said.
It also found that buying a solar system has other benefits. It's good for our economy because it creates jobs along the supply line in the United States, provided that specifies that all components of the system must be made in the country. It also strengthens our national security due to solar energy users do not have to worry about an interruption of power or fuel using obtained from the hostile nations that could, at any time, withhold it.
Gorr is also true that the system adds to the value of your home of 3,300 square meters and be able to get a better price for that when you finally decide to sell. But under state law, he said, his property taxes can not be raised due to the installation of the system.
The Gorrs buy your set of 28 solar panels Service Inc. of Niles, who has been installing renewable energy systems since 1977.
"They were very good," Gorr said. "I knew nothing and took my hand through the whole process, and I get the right papers to sign a building permit for connecting to ComEd and am now a mini power plant here."
"The Gorrs have one of the largest residential solar power systems we've installed," admitted Brandon Leavitt, president of Solar Service. "Your system is capable of producing nearly seven kilowatts of energy, which is enough to power 68 light bulbs of 100 W or 400 compact fluorescent bulbs. The average residential system can produce three to four kilowatts of power."
These systems can even be put in very old houses. Solar service installed on a former home of Arlington Heights', which predates the Civil War, he said.
roof angle, direction and shading are the only concerns in choosing to install such a system, according to Gorr. "My roof was well located, facing south, and I did not need special racks or anything, so it was a very easy."
Solar electric systems, as they prefer the Gorrs' roofs face south and have an inclination of 45 degrees or less, and they are trying to take the summer sun. Almost everyone can install the ceiling.
Solar thermal systems that heat the water needs a minimum separation of 45 degrees, and they are trying to take the winter sun is low in the sky, Leavitt said, and the systems that often need special racks that are not flush with the ceiling.
"But the ceilings do not have the best tone you can always do the job, even if we have to add an additional solar panel to compensate for lost power generation due to the slope of the roof," he said.
"This is the free energy that nature offers us. Why do not harvest," said Leavitt.
Hail is not a problem with the panels as both thermal and electrical types are made of tempered glass and stronger than the windshield of a car, he said.
And while the rules governing the solar panels vary from municipality to municipality, Leavitt said that in general, the cities' main concern is aesthetics. Many do not allow these panels in the front of a house. Others are not allowed, if can be seen on a street. Some require special variations or plats of the survey, although the footprint of a house never changes with the installation of solar panels.
"But most cities require only a simple building permit and mandate that a licensed electrician install electrical panels and a plumber install the radiant panels," he said.
The installation Gorrs' took four days and the first month it was launched, which generated 770 hours kilowatt of electricity, which would cost a homeowner between $ 85 and $ 100 to buy the electric company, Gorr said.
How not to buy batteries for storage, the Gorrs feed any excess energy generated back into the network of ComEd and your electric meter is going backwards. Then, when you need more electricity than they are producing, as well as at night or on cloudy days, they will pull the electricity from the grid and your meter will run forward.
"I pay the net difference, if there is one, at the end of the month," Gorr said. "But if I have given more power I have used these loans roll over to next month."
An additional benefit is one of the Gorrs knew nothing until progress is made in the process. For every megawatt of energy produced, are given a certificate for a renewable energy credit that is tied to the environmental benefits of this system.
"You might call them the" bragging rights "to clean energy," says Gorr. "If someone who is trying to meet renewable energy mandates or targets to be achieved without the application of renewable energy systems, they can buy RECs.
CER is hoped that these could one day sell for between $ 200 and $ 300 each on the open market to companies trying to comply with mandates.
Gorr can be sure you're getting all the savings and loans that must be because your computer comes with software that allows you to monitor system performance in real time from any computer.
"I used to pay several hundred dollars a month for heating and cooling, and my wife and I stayed with the use to a minimum because we were very conscious of not wanting to draw too much power," Gorr said. "It was really a liberating moment a few weeks ago, when my wife came home from teaching in a classroom without air conditioning all day and was able to turn around in our air conditioner without feeling any guilt about pollution and emissions. "
During the 25-year life of the system, considering depreciation, Gorrs estimate will save $ 950 per year in electricity costs and will earn $ 1.600 per year for the sale of renewable energy credits. Even with a $ 1,848 annual depreciation in the system, is expected to come out $ 702 to the positive in every year.
"Taking all the value, cost, discounts, tax credits, the results of the earnings and savings growth in an estimated net worth of $ 27,003 the first year," Gorr said. "Over the years, assuming a certain level of inflation in electricity prices, followed by REC sales, etc, my net worth inch up even more than the depreciation of the system takes away that keeps me positive attraction for the life of the system. "
"It is estimated that the contribution to my net worth in year 10 will be $ 36,409 and the system still has 15 years remaining warranty. Furthermore, to be as comprehensive as possible, taking into account potential growth, estimated at 5 percent , my initial $ 19,000 if it had spent elsewhere, "he continued.
"All this is positive, except the part of having to reach a large amount of cash at the beginning and I just saw this as a better investment than betting that the money in the stock market," Gorr said.
"We are very excited about this. We are wondering why I did not before," he admitted. "The energy from oil and coal seems that day by horse and buggy compared to what we have now. I hope that new builders will soon offer solar energy as an option on new homes for people to just pack this cost on your mortgage from the beginning. "
"I envision a day when my children and grandchildren will not have to worry about energy. It will be a nonissue," Gorr said. It is even thinking of buying an electric car in the coming years and is already calculating how much money will be saved if the car plugs in their free source of power and not have to buy gasoline again.
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