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Processing and edgeworked glass

Advantages Functionality
Edgeworking removes any uneven appearance on the edge of the glass after it has been cut. The edges of the glass must always be processed before toughening.
Appearance and design
Enhances the appearance of the glass: high quality edgeworking for tables, counter tops or shelves  Enriches and customizes products sandblasting a pattern or logo onto doors and partitions, engraving mirrors, cutting complex shapes into table tops
Standard edgework
·Ground edge
·Smooth ground edge
·Polished edge
Standard edgework: for any type of application, in particular toughened glass products (structural glass, doors, shower screens, balcony partitions, furniture, etc.) Decorative edgework: for glazed partitions, shower or bath screens, furniture (office furniture, tables, counter tops, shelves), signage, etc
Decorative edgework
This is particularly effective on clear or translucent glass and mirrors. It helps to highlight the decorative features of the glass and emphasise the contours, especially if thick glass is used.

·Rounded joint (matt or brilliant finish)
· Double bevel
·Double-edge bevel
·Ogee edge
·Nipped edge (the edge of the glass is deliberately chipped.)
Production Range
Production introduction
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