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Tempered glass

What is it ?
Noval tempered glass is a toughened safety glass. It has undergone a special heat treatment to increase its strength and resistance to impact. In fact it is approximately five times more resistant than normal glass. As an example a piece of 8mm toughened glass will be able to withstand a steel ball weighing 500gr dropped from a height of 2 metres.
· Five times more resistant to breakage than normal glass.
· If the glass does break, there is far less risk of injury from broken pieces.
· More opportunity for large areas of glazing without substituting your safety, including framless designs such as doors, showers screens,table tops and so on.
deal for use in interiors, Noval acid etched glass can be sited in a wide variety of applications:

· All doors (sliding-glass, French, and patio).
· Side windows within 24 in. of an opening or door.
· Stair landing windows within 4 ft. of the floor.
· Bathroom windows, within 5 ft. of the floor.
· All windows within 18 in. of the floor.
· All tub and shower enclosures.
Installation Guidelines
· Toughened glass cannot be drilled or any other processed and edgeworked in any manner.
· Toughened glass ordered to templates must be accompanied with a full scale template made to the correct dimensions.
· Minimum edgework finish on toughened glass up to 12mm is a standard arrissed edge. Minimum edgework on greater thicknesses should be a flat ground edge;
· Slight distortion or bowing may occur after toughening but is largely controllable. It will vary with substance, tint, surface treatment, size and shape of the glass. Ceramic painted, sandblasted or reflective coated glass has a greater tendency to bow and special tolerances would be advised. Flatness will be measured when the glass is standing on edge with a straight edge placed along the full length of the panel and a wedge measurement taken at the centre position. Refer to our technical department for more information.
Production Range
· Maximum size: 3660*120000mm
· Minimum size: 200*200mm
· Thickness: 2.8~25mm
Production introduction
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