Reflective float glass

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Reflective float glass description:

Noval Refletive float glass is a reflective, solar control glass that has been carefully designed to meet the twin requirements of architects – the functional and the aesthetic. This product is manufactured by a process known as “on-line Pyrolytic coating” wherein silicon based coating is applied to the glass surface by means of pyrolysis. Also known as hard coating, the process fuses precious metal oxides on the surface of the float glass at high temperature while the glass is in formation. The coating imparts a “mirror-like” façade to reflectasol, giving it visual appeal while providing functional benefits like solar control and glare reduction.


·Solar Comfort: Reflects a large proportion of thesolar radiation, thereby restricting the heat gaininside the building.
·Superior Visual Comfort: Reflects away the rightquantum of daylight so as to limit glare, whileallowing adequate amount of natural light.
·Superior durability: High wear and superiorscratch resistance as it is ‘hard coated’.
·Ease in processing: It can be processed like anormal float glass.


Noval Reflective Glass is suitable for most types of facade glazing in buildings:
·Commercial buildings
·Industrial buildings
·Apartment blocks
·Its attractive appearance also enhances the interior of a building. Reflective quality: creating a one-way observation effect in certain lighting conditions, transmitting light whilst screening vision.

Production Range:

·Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm.,12mm, 15mm
·Regular Sizes: 3660/3300/3210*2134/2250/2440mm….., if your order quantity is more than 10000SQM, we can do according to your design size.
·Color: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Grey

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