Tempered enamelled glass

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Tempered enamelled glass

Noval tempered enamelled glass is a lead-free enamelled and toughened glass. Its non-transparent, coloured appearance is produced by enamelling one side of the glass. Available in a range of colours the glass is fired at a very high temperature, a process which simultaneously toughens the glass. The enamel is completely integrated into the surface of the glass, giving the decoration exceptional durability and colour stability over time.


·toughened enamelled glass can be used both,internally and externally. Externally it can be,used for overhead glazing such as canopies.
·Internally it can be used for wall cladding and,furniture and is particularly useful where,resistance to humidity is required.

Production Range:

Noval glass floor panels is available in a range of designs, colours and effects. Please consult the technical product file for full details.


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